“I just want to get better”: Winnipeg shooting victim’s slow recovery

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WINNIPEG —; Calli Vanderaa is back home after spending 21 days in hospital fighting for her life after being shot in the chest.

“I cried when I told dad I was getting discharged,” said Vanderaa, speaking to Global News from her bed at home.

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The 16-year-old was hanging out with friends on October 24 at the Macs in Windsor Park when two men approached the car she was in and shot through the window, hitting Vanderaa, missing her heart by just inches.

She spends most of her days in bed and takes a short painful walk down her apartment hallway twice a day. She said she’s taken a lot for granted.

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“The simple things like walking, taking a shower, being able to eat anything and now I can barely eat a whole muffin,” Vanderaa said.

After a rash of recent shootings in Winnipeg, some wonder if gun crime is on the rise in the city.

In November alone, there have been five shootings, one was an officer involved shooting where Winnipeg police shot and killed Mark DiCesare after a 40 minute pursuit. Witnesses said he was waving a gun around while being chased by police.

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“There’s been a cycle of a lot of shooting,” said Criminal Justice Professor at the University of Winnipeg, Michael Weinrath.

October 30, 49-year old Camille Runke was shot and killed allegedly by her ex-husband who she had a restraining order against.

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And on September 21, Haki Sefa was killed by police following a pursuit that started inside Winnipeg and ended on Highway 59 North. It was believed he had been dealing with mental health issues.

October 24, Vanderaa was shot with a stolen RCMP officer’s gun.

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So far this year, there’s been 26 shootings, where someone has been wounded or killed, including two fatal officer involved shootings.

All of last year, there were 31 shootings, including two non-fatal officer involved shootings.

“I think we’re going to have cycles where we’ll see these types of shootings but generally you won’t see that many when you count them all at the end of the year,” said Weinrath.

The effects of these shootings leave a lasting impact, Vanderaa is living proof.

“I just want to get better so my life can get back to normal.”

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